block wall in backyard

Block Walls

Block walls can provide so much more to your home than their standard functional uses imply. They can be lovely additions to your living space, bringing personality to your outdoor settings.

Stone or concrete blocks can be used to build perimeter walls. You can pick the ideal shape, colors, and textures to go with your home. Whether you prefer the rustic look of hand-cut stone or the modern style of concrete and stucco, we have it all!

We can help you design customized landscaping walls to help you make the most of your outside space.

Our specialists at GreenLeaves Landscaping can help you realize your vision, whether you need a landscaping wall to protect the structural integrity of your property or you want to create an incredible outdoor area.

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Pavers are an excellent alternative to boring and unattractive dirt pathways. They can instantly transform any space.

Block Walls

A professionally installed block wall may be exactly what you need to put the finishing touches on your outdoor space.


When you have concrete professionally installed, you're sure to get a beautifully done project that will last for years!

Artificial Turf

In hot and dry climates like Las Vegas, artificial turf is one of the best options to add some greenery to your yard.

Tree Service

Trees add a lot of aesthetic value to any outdoor area. Make sure to keep up with tree maintenance to keep them looking great!