winter landscape maintenance

Winter Landscape Maintenance

Even though the winters in the Las Vegas valley can be quite moderate by most standards, they can nevertheless be devastating to shrubs, plants, and lawns. When the temperature drops below freezing, this is particularly true. To help preserve your plants, trees, and shrubs from cold temps, use these simple winter landscape maintenance measures.


Rake up leaves and other debris that could suffocate your grass or prevent future grass growth.

To safeguard new growth and to stop your yard from serving as a feeding ground for rabbits and other Las Vegas pests, trim grass to a height of about 2 inches.

Before the first frigid temps, fertilize and aerate your lawn. In the winter, your lawn won’t need as much fertilizer, but the soil will have the necessary nutrients stored for when the weather starts to warm up.


Pruning trees and plants in the late fall or early winter is another winter landscaping suggestion. Because it is the dormant season for the majority of plants, trees, and shrubs, it is typically the greatest time for pruning. By trimming before the frost, new wounds have a chance to heal gradually before springtime growth resumes. Pruning also protects against any hail and powerful winds that could cause property damage in Las Vegas.

To assist your perennials’ roots stay warm and secure throughout the winter chill, replenish your mulch. These desert plants will blossom once more in the spring thanks to this crucial phase. The optimum time to put mulch is right after a strong rain or irrigation when the ground is moist. For the winter, the mulch will keep moisture in.

Before an overnight freeze, protect young plants and shrubs. Until they are thick enough to survive on their own new growth, young, newly planted trees require a little extra winter care. If left unattended, small plants, trees, and shrubs are vulnerable to frost damage. Rodents also eat young plants when there is a lack of food in the winter, thus all young trees and plants are fair game.


Make sure to turn off your outdoor water supply the night before if the forecast called for temperatures to drop in the Las Vegas valley to close or below freezing. We advise turning off the exterior irrigation system (not just turning off the irrigation timer).

Protect the primary shutoff valve from freezing by insulating it. With foam insulation tape and a plastic bag, wrap the valve. You must also insulate any additional above-ground pipes if you have them.

The last piece of advice for winter landscape maintenance is to take off your irrigation system’s end caps before a freeze. In each irrigation zone, the majority of irrigation lines have a screw-off end cap. If you take off the cap before a freeze, any water that does form will have a chance to leave without expanding and damaging the lines.

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