grass block pavers

Grass Block Pavers in Las Vegas

Grass block pavers often referred to as turf block pavers or grow-through pavers are a replacement for standard pavers, asphalt, and concrete. They are constructed from recycled plastic or concrete and have open cells that permit grass to grow through them. They are a permeable, environmentally beneficial choice for parking lots and roads. Where Should …

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artificial grass

Artificial Grass in Las Vegas

For homeowners who want the year-round beauty of grass without maintenance, artificial grass, commonly referred to as synthetic turf, is an affordable, low-maintenance solution. In areas with water shortages, it’s a fantastic substitute for ordinary grass. Here are a few more advantages of synthetic grass: Common Applications for Artificial Grass The ideal material for a …

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winter landscape maintenance

Winter Landscape Maintenance

Even though the winters in the Las Vegas valley can be quite moderate by most standards, they can nevertheless be devastating to shrubs, plants, and lawns. When the temperature drops below freezing, this is particularly true. To help preserve your plants, trees, and shrubs from cold temps, use these simple winter landscape maintenance measures. GET …

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fake lawn

Fake Lawn in Las Vegas

Any outside area might look better if it has a lovely lawn. However, it can be quite challenging to maintain a natural lawn in areas like Las Vegas. Since it has advanced so much, artificial grass in a fake lawn can help to offer the same beauty as real grass without any of the drawbacks! …

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trimming your trees

Properly Trimming Your Trees

Tree pruning may go unnoticed by Las Vegas residents who think they are saving money or that the service is not required. In actuality, frequent tree trimming is an investment in the longevity and health of your trees. Tree Pruning Is Vital for Several Reasons Trees in your landscaping add beauty and value to your …

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